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Too many innocent consumers are injured by dangerous products they trusted to be safe. Some are even killed. Despite the fact that manufacturers are required to abide by safety regulations, some products manage to slip through the cracks. Sometimes defects occur because of a manufacturer’s desire to cut costs. Other times, defects occur because someone simply didn’t do his or job effectively.

Regardless of the reasoning, if a company’s negligence results in a defective product that causes you an injury, you should be compensated for your pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income, emotional distress, and mental anguish. You also have the right to compensation if your loved one died because of a defective product.

There is no limit to the kinds of product liability cases that can be filed because of damages to a consumer. Some of the most common defective products include the following:

  • Children’s toys
  • Cribs and car seats
  • Prescription drugs
  • Faulty brakes, tires, and airbags
  • Malfunctioning medical devices

Unfortunately, those are just some examples of defective products that have caused damages to consumers, ranging from minor injuries, loss of limbs, loss of mobility, paralysis, blindness, and death.

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If you have fallen victim to a defective product, don’t let the manufacturers get away with the harm they’ve caused you. And don’t try to fight them alone. Our firm is skilled in product liability claims and will fight aggressively to ensure you are compensated for the damages so carelessly inflicted upon you.

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