Personal Injury Attorney
in Hazlehurst, MS

At the Pickard Law firm, we understand the impact medical bills and lost wages can have on your life and lifestyle. While you can’t predict accidents, you can be sure to have an experienced attorney take care of you.

A personal injury can be a result of negligence on behalf of someone else, or it can be intentional wrongful or malicious conduct that results in pain or suffering. This can include mental or physical bodily damage, or anything that might prevent a person from working or experiencing the same quality of life as before.

While the most common personal injury cases are car accidents, a number of similar types of injury may also qualify:

  • Harm, death or illness that are a result of someone else’s negligence;
  • An accident caused by a person or an organization that left you harmed physically, emotionally or mentally.

Personal injury also includes a variety of accidents that produce life-altering consequences such as:

Because personal injury encompasses so many types of cases and variables, navigating the landscape can be challenging if you try to do it alone.


Hire An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Hazlehurst MS

With the Pickard Law Firm’s knowledge of the law and our expertise with these specific kinds of cases, we eliminate the guesswork and fight the responsible parties for you, ensuring they are held accountable and that you’ll receive the fair and just compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to get more information on how our personal injury attorney in Hazlehurst MS can help you.

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