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Not every case needs to go to trial. Depending upon what is at stake, both parties may elect to forgo a court trial and choose instead to use mediation, which is an informal, non-binding process. In mediation, both parties agree to resolve their dispute outside of court and hire a neutral third party, the mediator, to assist in the process.

With more than 24 years of experience as a circuit judge, Lamar Pickard is the most qualified mediator in Mississippi, having been re-elected to the bench five times. He is also credentialed and certified in mediation by the Mississippi Bar Association.

There are several reasons people with disputes prefer mediation:

  • The most attractive reason can be that legal fees are greatly reduced.
  • Compared to a trial, which can take months or even years, mediation is an efficient process that could be resolved within one scheduled meeting.
  • Mediation gives both parties an opportunity to negotiate in the presence of someone who is trained in helping those in conflict to resolve their issues.
  • Some prefer mediation because it affords them more privacy since they would be avoiding a court trial with jurors and an open courtroom.
  • The mediation process gives both parties more control of the resolution since they play an integral role in the negotiation, compared to a trial where the judge or jury makes the final decision.
  • In addition to helping both parties come to a resolution, the mediator can prepare legal documents to be filed in court.

As a mediator, Pickard functions neither as an attorney, nor a judge. He has no power to make decisions regarding your dispute. He will, however, provide you with options and guide both parties toward coming to a compromise that they both feel happy with, in a professional, non-combative environment that is more conducive to reaching an agreement. It’s important to stress that mediation can only be effective if both parties are willing and prepared to compromise.

Get A Prompt Resolution With Our Mediation Attorney in Hazlehurst MS

If you prefer to resolve your dispute in a private, less stressful atmosphere that gives you more control of the outcome, consider entrusting your mediation to Lamar Pickard. He will provide you with creative options that are tailored to your unique circumstances, allowing for a more amicable resolution. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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