Car Accident Lawyer
in Hazlehurst, MS

The impact of automobile accidents is felt among all parties: the drivers and passengers (as well as their families), and sometimes pedestrians. Depending upon the severity of damage to the vehicles and injuries to those involved, a lot of money can be at stake.

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, more than 6,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents every day in the United States in 2015. Another 96 were involved in fatal accidents. The economic cost of those accidents throughout the country was $242 BILLION in 2010.

Many of those accidents were caused by drivers who were either distracted by their cell phones or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone’s negligence, you already know that navigating the terrain of “do’s and don’ts” can be confusing, sometimes by design.

We pride ourselves on taking the guesswork out of the process and handling the insurance companies and other attorneys so that you can focus on healing, family, getting back to work, and your normal life.

Physical damages aren’t the only effects of car accidents, though they are usually the most obvious, both to your bodies and automobiles. Some never fully recover, and the medical bills can be unforgiving, even for those with good insurance. Unfortunately, some don’t survive an accident, leaving their families to suffer from the loss of their loved one as they struggle to pick up the pieces and all that entails.

Those involved in car accidents also suffer emotional distress and mental anguish, which can negatively impact the quality of life for an indefinite period of time. There are also the financial implications, resulting from unrelenting medical bills, car repair costs, and time missed at work. Those who don’t know their rights, or who don’t have strong representation, are at the mercy of a system that can seem to be stacked against them.

Our knowledgeable attorneys have helped countless clients reclaim what was taken from them due to someone else’s negligence. Those who have been injured shouldn’t have to worry about being fairly compensated for the physical, emotional, mental, and financial damages they’ve suffered.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Hazlehurst MS Who Will Fight For You

Pickard Law attorneys consider it an honor to stand up for those who have been hurt. We are not intimidated by big insurance companies. We will fight tooth and nail to ensure you are awarded the compensation you deserve. Before talking to the negligent party’s insurance provider or attorney, call us to ensure you don’t say or do anything that could hurt your case later. Our experienced car accident lawyer in Hazlehurst, MS will guide you and stand up for you every step of the way.

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